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Home is everyone’s comfort zone sharing memories to food. A home is always a happy place. As we know, after a while, humans need a makeover or home to demands a makeover. The festive season is just around the corner, and it is high time to redesign your home. Let Me Decor will help with the top home decor online products, which are a must buy.


If you are hunting for a handful of home decor online products this festive season, then you are in the right place. We will take you along the “Pinterest-styled” top seven home makeover online products, which are in trend these days.


Top 7 Home Decor Online 

  1. Metal Wall Decor

We all need that one statement piece of Decor that grabs eyeballs and makes our wall and corner the best in itself. Let Me Decor brings to you its exclusive and unique range of Metal Wall Decor with double-layer coating, perfect finish, and long-lasting shine that fits in your room exactly the way you want.

We bring out three variations in Metal Wall Art such as Metal Wall Decors, Metal Wall Arts Panel, and Metal Wall Quotes with a vast range of designs of animals and paintings. Grab your Metal wall decor now!

Range: 1799 -2599 INR


Metal Wall Art Panel

Another most loved and prestigious product, “Metal Wall Art Panel”, is an extended version of Metal Wall Arts. This statement masterpiece will change the way your regular wall looks.

The Unique design, durability, double-layer coating, perfect finish, and long-lasting shine make it a perfect choice for your home. Metal Wall Art Panel comes in two, three and four-panel design. Folks, what are you waiting for? Choose the design that fits your requirement and order now.

Range : 1950 – 5499 INR


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Wooden Wall Art

To brighten up any boring area, all you need to do is add some colour, and the easiest way to do so is to look for soft furnishings that fit everyone’s budget and allow you to adjust and initiate a unique vibe as the homeowners.

“Wooden Wall Art,” our most cherished creation, now comes in a brand-new range.

Let me Decor brings in various designs, and colour options, two-set and three-set of uniquely designed Wooden Wall Art are perfect for your lobby area, living room and bedroom. What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on these beautiful and handcrafted Wood Wall Art.

Range : 599 – 2199 INR


Wall Masks

Masks were worn on the face and now mask on walls are in trend, check out our Wall Mask. A handcrafted artistic wood mask inspired by Picasso, Cubism, patterns, and contours – the colour combinations create unique depths on the surface. This wall mask will be the centrepiece of any decor, whether you hang it alone or combine it with other art pieces.

Range: 749 – 1049 INR


Wooden Pendant Lamp Shade and Lights

As we have Diwali, Christmas and New Year coming up, it’s the time to light up our home, and you will give up on the old and boring lighting up option after checking out our lighting range. Let Me Decor takes immense pride in introducing the most creative and unique range of handcrafted Wooden Pendant Lampshades, affordable and eco-friendly. 

Range: 699 – 1299 INR




When we talk about home decor, one can never go wrong with plants, they are the show stoppers, but we always forget about planters and pots. Believe it or not, the planter gives an athletic look to your Decor. Check out the range of planters now.


Range: 55 – 1317 INR




Wall Accents

Wall Accents are a combination of decor cum utility products, and it is always good to have utility products creatively. Check out Wall accents such as Wall mirrors, Wall clocks, Key Holders, Photoframes, Wall Shelves.

Range: 199 -2149 INR




Apart from all these, check out the various range of home decor online products such as Wall Mask, Acrylic Wall Arts, Wall Plates, Painting, Diffuser Lamp, Tea Light Holder, Candle Holders, Pot Stands, Neon Lights, Out Door Lights and many more. Visit the website to place orders.

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